Darren DeBreé

Darren DeBreé began his performing career playing drums with a variety of funk and progressive alternative rock bands in San Diego. In 1997 he moved to L.A. where he studied with composer/drummer Richard Wilson and attended Musician’s Institute. Graduating from the school with their professional music and journeyman certificates, he worked for a while in L.A. In 1999 he moved to Nashville, where he played and recorded with various local artists.

Returning to San Diego in 2000 brought him full circle geographically and musically as his involvement withAgent 22, allowed him to combine the acoustic and electronic drum worlds into his own unique voice.

While gigging with different bands/artists in San Diego, Darren was introduced to John Czajkowski by a mutual friend, former Planet X bassist, Kevin Freeby. After doing some session work together, John decided to write some extended percussion obstacle courses for Darren to negotiate. Hectic Watermelon was born! The two recorded the acclaimed CD, The Great American Road Trip, featuring Mahavishnu Orchestra violinist Jerry Goodman.

In 2006 Darren then moved back to Los Angeles where he worked with a variety of bands/artists and began to develop RhythmSchool.com, with his long time friend and first drum teacher Mark Levine.

Darren currently lives in Austin Texas and works with Eleven Fingered Charlie, his own band, Preferred Nomenclature, the band Seraph, and the Cody Jasper Band.

Some of the artists Darren has recorded, or performed live with include:

Jerry Goodman(Mahavishno Orch.), Mitchel Forman(John Mclaughlin), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel), Pat Mastelotto(King Crimson), Brad Rabuchin(Ray Charles), Reggie Hamilton(session great), Kevin Freeby (Planet X/Jason Mraz), Barry Coates, Peter Sprague(Chick Corea), The California Guitar Trio, Don Schiff(session great), Emmett Chapman(Chapman Stick inventor), Greg Howard(Dave Mathews Band)……..